Calling all women!! Calling all women!!!

The Sisterhood of Temple Ner Tamid is an integral part in making our Temple run as smoothly and as successfully as it has for many years.

Our women are a very dynamic group representing all different ages, all different traditions and all different personalities. When working together we can and do achieve many  MITZVOT for our members, our Temple and the community at large.  Some of our terrific programs include:

  • Torah Fund campaign for the Jewish Theological Seminary
  • Providing holiday treats to our Religious School
  • Judaica Shop with all the latest traditional items
  • Providing pastries and more for weekly Oneg Shabbat services
  • A very successful Bi-annual rummage sale
  • A totally female run Oneg Shabbat service
  • Holiday workshops and other monthly social get togethers
  • Game nights, Donor Dinner, Paid Up Supper and MUCH MORE!!

All first year members of the Temple receive a free membership to our Sisterhood. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and join our very vibrant and dedicated group of women. We have a way of making members feel as if they have always belonged.

Looking forward to meeting, greeting, eating and kibitzing with you soon!!!!!!

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Sisterhood Presidents

Light of Torah

* of blessed memory
1960-1964Norma Graff *
1964-1965Leona Kaplan
1965-1966Helen Goren
1966-1967Joanne Elefson
1967-1968Selma Razin
1968-1969Carol Stone Fromer
1969-1970Gloria Simons
1970-1971Ina Romo *
1971-1972Marilyn Sullaway*
1972-1973Rhoda Tanner
1973-1974Ann Barosin*
1974-1975Arlene Vigor*
1975-1977Anita Baker *
1977-1979Judy Leventhal *
1979-1980Anita Rudin
1980-1981Harriet Feinstein
1981-1983Ellen Chmara*
1983-1985Norma Mazur *
1985-1987Barbara Kuhn
1987-1988Anita Baker *Judy Leventhal *Anita Rudin
1988-1990Janice Wyner
1990-1993Linda Harrison *
1993-1995Irene Gustat
1995-1997Cynthia Greene
1997-1999Marianne Bob *
1999-2001Susan Savy
2001-2003Arlyne Greenspan
2003-2004Lois Black
Marianne Bob*
Sue Savy
2004-2005Sandee Matteucci
Susan Savy
2005-2006Ethel Babner
Sandee Matteucci
2006-2007Ethel Babner
2007-2009Lisa Stone
2009-2011Harriet Feinstein
2011-2013Elisa Zimmerman
2013- 2015Judy Kemp
2015-2017Sue Callum
2017 – 2019Wendy Gershlak
2019 –Loretta Band

1981Arlene Vigor*
1982Ellen Chmara*
1983Barbara Kuhn
1984Judy Leventhal *
1985Rhoda Tanner
1986Anita Baker *
1987Norma Mazur *
1988Judy Wyman
1989Sarita Pickard *
1990Anita Rudin
1991Irene Gustat
1992Honey Freeman
1993Harriet  Polonsky
1994Linda Harrison *
1995Bea Zide
1996Cynthia Greene
1997Susan Savy
1998Merle Shuman
1999Anita Horowitz
2000Dorothy Eisenman
2001Marianne Bob *
2002Celia Levine
2003Ethel Babner
2004Arlyne Greenspan
2005Sandee Matteucci
2007Harriet Feinstein
2008Marilyn Sullaway*
2009Mimi Levy
2010Randy Katz
2011Leona Kaplan
2012Sue Savy
2013Tracy Cranson
2014Paula Dollin
2015Lisa Stone
2016Esther Kaufman
2017Wendy Gershlak
2018Sandra Sparr
2019Elisa Zimmerman