Men’s Club

The Men’s Club of TNT is dedicated to involving Jewish men in Jewish life. At TNT the club is a main fundraising source.  Each year we run a charity auction, with some of the proceeds contributing to a sizable donation to the Temple. The auction also funds an annual scholarship for our college-bound graduating high school seniors. Over the years we have given out over $100,000.00 in scholarships.

But Fundraising is just the tip of the iceberg of what we try to accomplish during the calendar year. We strive to hold monthly events like dinners and breakfasts. Many of these events will have a speaker or have some entertainment. In the past few years we have had guests from both the sports world, and others who have spoken on both Jewish and local life. All our events are open not just to Men’s Club members, but any temple member that might find the activity interesting.

The Men’s Club of Temple Ner Tamid is affiliated with the ‘Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs’. We sponsor the Yom HaShoah, Yellow Candle program. This annual  program was originated at TNT and is now international in scope. We also participate in the annual World Wide Wrap. This event, with involvement from congregations across the country, helped raise over $800,000.00 to the Tefillin Scholarship. The fund pays for tefillin for those who cannot afford them.

Men who are new temple members become Men’s Clubs members for free the first year. We hope you will consider joining our families and participate in temple life at Temple Ner Tamid.

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Man of the Year

Men’s Club/Brotherhood Presidents

Keeper of the Flame

* of blessed memory
1992Jeff Schultz
1993Howie Karas
1996Moe Sack
1997Harold Walvick *
1998Richard Strauss
1999Larry Shuman
2000Allen Talewsky
2001Harvey Cohen
2002Steve Ring
2003Mark Rudin
2005Larry Baker
2006Mel Babner
2007Alan Titelbaum
2008Richard Band
2009Sumner Feinstein*
2010Eric Richman
2011Ed Gustat
2012Alan Lehman
2013Mark Lubarsky
2014Todd Levine
2015David Ponn
2016Mark Lerner*
2018Mark Gershlak
2019Larry Malatzky
1961-1963Gerald Wyner *
1963-1965Edward Schultz *
1965-1967Stephen Green *
1967-1968Daniel Greiff
1968-1969George Rosenthal *
1969-1970Melvin Babner
1970-1972Sumner Feinstein*
1972-1973Lawrence Baker
1973-1974Irving Orloff
1974-1975Morris Sack
1975-1976Leonard Mulsman*
1976-1978Elliot Wyner
1978-1979Warren Freedman*
1979-1980Gerald Leventhal *
1980-1982Mark Rudin
1982-1983Ronald Promer
1983-1984Kenneth Fine
1984-1986Joseph Winokur *
1986-1987Jeffrey Schultz
1987-1988Howard Karas
1988-1990Richard Strauss
1990-1992Arthur Lewis
1992-1993Lawrence Shuman
1993-1994Alan Lehman
1994-1996Mark Gershlak
1996-1998Allen Talewsky
1998-2000Harvey Cohen
2000-2002Alan S. Titelbaum
2002-2003Eric Richman
2003-2005Mark Lubarsky
2005-2007Mark Lerner*
2007-2009David Ponn
2009-2010Scott Feinstein
2010-2011Todd Levine
2011- 2013Irving Burday
2013 – 2014Mark Lubarsky
2014 – 2017Larry Malatzky
2017 –Steve Ring
2001Harvey Cohen
2002Richard Strauss
2003Allen Talewsky
2004Larry Shuman
2005Mark Rudin
2006Henry Kaplan
2007Edward Gustat

2008Mark Lerner*
2009Elliot Wyner
2010Richard Band
2011Alan Titelbaum
2012Sumner Feinstein*
2013Todd Levine
2014Mel Babner
2015Morris Sack
2016Steve Ring
2017Alan Lehman
2018Eric Richman
2019Mark Lubarsky